What We Do


Arigato Hamamura Jun desu (Thank you, I am Jun Hamamura)

Konchiwa Kon chan ohiru desuyo! (Hello, I'm Kon chan. It's lunch time.)

Uwaizumi Yuichi no eenaa! (Yuichi Uwaizumi’s how nice!)

    MBS Radio is a community-based AM radio channel supported by a wide range of age groups. The popularity of MBS programs is kept strong by multi-talented, unique, and appealing personalities. Among them is Jun Hamamura with his program, "Arigato Hamamura Jun desu" (Thank you, I am Jun Hamamura) where he picks the latest topics from the day’s morning newspapers and comments on them. The program has a long standing popularity and is one of the most recognized in the Kansai region.

    MBS Radio also links with The Internet. In addition to podcasting, MBS takes part in "radiko.jp," a radio platform which uses IP simulcast technologies to provide high-quality Internet broadcasts. Users are able to listen to MBS radio programs on their PC or smartphone free of charge in the Kansai region, or by paying a fee to listen from anywhere outside the Kansai region within Japan.

    To mitigate auditory disturbance in urban areas and function as a back-up in times of disaster, MBS Radio started broadcasting in FM along with its existing AM channel in the spring of 2016 in some parts of the Kansai region.

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