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70 years of History

70 years of History

MBS is known as a pioneer in the Japanese broadcasting industry. Tracing back through history, MBS was one of the first commercial radio stations in Japan, starting its first radio broadcasts in 1951 and later beginning terrestrial television broadcasting in 1959. MBS has its head office in Osaka, which is the business center of Kansai, the western part of Japan, with new emerging businesses and innovative ideas. The ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara are also located in this area, and because of this, Kansai is historically known for its strong ties with Asia. MBS not only serves the regional viewers in Kansai with its regionally-produced programs, but also serves the nationwide viewers with its programs ranging in genre from variety shows, dramas, to anime. We have produced many programs that are representative of Japan, and will continue to do our best to create programs that viewers in Japan and around the world will love.

JNN Affiliate Stations

With Kansai-based MBS and Tokyo-based TBS as the linchpins, a total of 28 terrestrial TV stations in various parts of Japan are building a network called Japan News Network (JNN).
This will allow rapid accumulation of news about events that occur in various locales that can be shared smoothly and linked to broadcasting.

MBS Group

Our aim at the MBS Group is to disseminate high-quality information to the world through various media and events with a focus on broadcasting which is the core of our business.

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