Mainichi Broadcasting System
New York Festivals 2020
Documentary - Biography/Profiles: Bronze
"Passionate People - Shoko Kanazawa, Calligrapher"
World Media Festival 2018
Documentary - Entertainment: Gold
"Kinkakuji Sound Stage: East Meets West"
New York Festival 2016
TV Movie: Silver
"Memento Tracker Aiko Tanizaki -The Girl Disappeared Into The Darkness-"
Seoul International Drama Awards 2015
The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year
"Midnight Diner"
Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2002
Best Long Fiction Program: Winner
"How Are You, Teddy Bear?"
International Emmy Awards 1999
Documentary: Winner
"Just Like Anyone Else: Days in the life of a physically challenged family"
Shanghai TV Festival 1998
Best Humanity Documentary: Winner
"The Third Morning of the Day: From a Poet’s Notebook"

And many more

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