Living Overseas
In the Eyes of Japanese Wives

60min. × 13+ episodes (Ongoing since 2013)


Every year, nearly 7000 Japanese women marry non-Japanese men. Furthermore, nearly 200,000 Japanese housewives live abroad. Home to them are places like New York, Monaco, Hong Kong, Spain, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany...cities of sophistication, fascinating resorts, and world-heritage sites. This program delves into the lives of these women who have entered into international marriages.

There are many stereotypes about different nationalities. Are these stereotypes true? What things would be unimaginable had they lived in Japan? What did they learn, only after living abroad for the first time? What was difficult, what surprised them?

Japanese wives recount their own funny cultural conflicts from the countries they live in. Their reports in turn serve as the catalyst for local Japanese female TV personalities and foreign wives who currently reside in Japan to engage in a casual and humor-filled discussion on cross-cultural differences in the studio

Here is an entertainment program that blends reports from Japanese housewives overseas and a water cooler chit chat by studio participants into a fun and lively "Global Housewives Summit!" Let’s take a look at "living overseas!"

There is also a 120 min. version available.

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