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Invitation to the "SUNTORY Presents Beethoven's 9th with a Cast of 10,000"

Creating a "Choir of over 10,000 people" that transcends generation, gender, and nationality.

Embracing with people all over the world and into the future. Let's sing the “Ode to Joy” together in high spirits.

You are cordially invited to send a video clip of yourself singing your part of the 9th Symphony. Your video will be displayed at the concert, held on December 5th, 2021 at the Osaka-Jo Hall(Osaka,Japan). The performance will be live-streamed on web.

Application Period

October6 to November 30

Models & Posting

Choose your part.

Soprano M 543 bars

Model Video


Alto M 543 bars

Model Video


Tenor M 543 bars

Model Video


Bass M 543 bars

Model Video


Play the “Model Video” on one device and shoot it on the other device.

Important Points to Note:

  • Adjust your smartphone vertically

  • Sing alone

  • Use earphones

  • Sing along with "Model Videos"

  • Check your Video before posting

  • In order to follow social distancing protocol, please take your video on your own
  • Be sure to adjust your smartphone vertically while shooting.
  • Take a selfie from the chest up while singing.
  • In order to follow social distancing protocol, you can video yourself singing alone.
  • Please be mindful to show only yourself alone in the video. Objects that show any person’s identity or likeness should not be visible.
  • Listen to Beethoven’s 9th model video on headphones and record your singing voice only, and make sure it’s only a video of your own singing voice that has been recorded.
  • No excessive costumes are permitted such as cosplay or mask costumes.
  • There is no limit on the number of videos you may enter even if you sing the same part and same block.
  • If you are or the video shot of the person is under the age of 20, please obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before entering it.
  • We will decide at our sole discretion whether or not to select your video from among all the videos submitted by all the candidates including you. We will also decide at our sole discretion, among other things, to determine when and how it is to be used and for how long. We will not reply to any inquiries regarding the criteria for our judgment.

About "SUNTORY Presents Beethoven's 9th with a Cast of 10,000"

Every year in early December, 10,000 chorus members gather at the Osaka-Jo Hall to sing Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9, Ode to Joy". It is one of the largest concerts of its kind and has continued for 38 years since 1983 without interruption.
The General Director and Conductor Yutaka Sado is a world-renowned conductor who has served as Music Director of the Tonkünstler Orchestra, Austria's oldest orchestra with over 110 years of history, since 2015.

In addition to Japanese choirs, international participants from all over the world including Germany, Austria, USA, Korea and others have been taking part in this annual concert over the years.

Suntory Holdings Limited is one of the global leading beverage companies and has been the official main sponsor of the concert since its beginning in 1983.

About 2020

The year 2020 marked the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, that made it impossible to gather and sing in 2020, we are proud to have achieved an amazing fusion of 11,961 singing videos and a live orchestra performing in perfect harmony.

System Requirements for “Posting Videos”

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    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Opera
  • *Please read the “Terms of Use for Submitting Your Videos” before posting your video. By posting, you are deemed to have fully understood and accepted the Terms of Use for Submissions.