Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

  • Head Office
    17-1 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8304
  • Tokyo Office
    Akasaka Biz Tower 28F, 5-3-1 Akasaka,
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6328
  • Nagoya Bureau
    Nagoya Yusen Bldg. 8F, 3-6-35 Nishiki,
    Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0003

Overseas Bureaus

  • JNN Berlin Bureau in Germany
  • JNN Shanghai Bureau in China

Date of Establishment

December 27, 1950

Company History

Becomes one of the first commercial radio stations
Begins television broadcasting on Channel 4
Joins Japan News Network(JNN)
Commences terrestrial digital TV service
Terrestrial digital TV becomes available on mobile devices

JNN Affiliate Stations


MBS is a pioneer in the Japanese broadcast industry. In 1951, MBS became one of the first commercial stations in Japan to air radio broadcasts. In 1959, MBS started doing television broadcasts.
MBS operates in the largest broadcast area in western Japan, the Kansai region, an area with 22 million people, representing about 17 percent of the nation’s population and 8.9 million households.
MBS is headquartered in Osaka, the business center of the Kansai region where new businesses and innovative ideas are constantly being created. Kansai is also where the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara are located and where Japan’s valuable traditions and culture have been preserved. Kansai, with its unique combination of old and new, has also had historically strong ties with Asian countries.
In its efforts to disseminate even greater content, to the north of its present headquarters, MBS has built a new annex that houses two new main television studios. In the spring of 2014, this building will become the springboard for new creative endeavors by MBS and another step towards producing content that highlights the unique characteristics of Kansai.



MBS produces many local television programs that highlight Kansai’s uniqueness. One such show is the popular “Chichin Puipui,” a live weekday-afternoon show filled with local topics and stories. Another popular show, particularly among younger viewers, is “Lokemitsu” or “Three On-Location Travel Stories,” a show that integrates television programming with online blogging—viewers actually participate in the program online.
MBS also produces programming for a national audience as part of the Japan News Network (JNN), a nationwide network of television stations with TBS as its key station. Perhaps best known are “Jonetsu Tairiku” (A Passionate Challenger) which spotlights newsmakers from all walks of life, and is considered by many as representative of MBS programming, and “Shittoko!” (In the Know) a weekly information program broadcast nationwide on Saturday mornings, focusing on hot news stories from around Japan and the world.



Bringing viewers the thrill of sports events is an important job at MBS. Each year, MBS broadcasts about 15 games of Kansai’s popular Hanshin Tigers baseball team. MBS also broadcasts and promotes a beach volleyball tournament in Kansai, as well as a number of golf tournaments including the Mizuno Classic and the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament which attract many of the world’s finest golfers.
In addition, MBS operates and supports the pay channel GAORA, one of MBS’s Group companies. GAORA presents a variety of sporting events such as professional baseball, American football, soccer, martial arts and more to sports fans throughout Japan on cable and satellite TV.


MBS is highly regarded for its trusted news reporting. The evening “VOICE” brings in-depth local news of Kansai to viewers. Major news stories from Kansai are also broadcast nationally over JNN stations throughout Japan. MBS reported on the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011 and its subsequent tsunami as part of the JNN team. MBS also follows international stories from Shanghai, China and Berlin, Germany as a member of the JNN, whose overseas bureaus total 10.


MBS radio broadcasts are an integral part of life in Kansai and enjoy the support of listeners of all ages. The popularity of MBS programming is kept strong by the many different and unique personalities who do the shows. For instance, on his show “Eenaa” which means “good” in the Kansai dialect, MBS radio personality Yuichi Uwaizumi picks heartwarming and inspirational topics that make his listeners feel just that. Jun Hamamura, the most celebrated radio personality in Kansai, picks the hottest news from that day’s morning newspapers in his show “Arigato Hamamura Jun Desu.” Programs like these have enjoyed great popularity for many years. MBS also puts a great deal of effort into live broadcasts of baseball games—mainly of the popular local Hanshin Tigers team—as well as live horseracing broadcasts.


MBS plans and promotes many events which it presents to viewers via its broadcasts. Representative events include the “Otobutai” series, featuring musical artists from the East and West performing at famous temples in Kyoto and Nara, “Beethoven’s 9th with a Cast of 10,000” performed each December, and the “KOBE COLLECTION,” a fashion show featuring “real clothes” that is extremely popular among young women.
Located near Osaka Castle, the MBS-operated 1100-seat theater BRAVA! is the venue for theatrical performances that become the talk of the town.


MBS ceased analog TV broadcasts in July 2011 and made a complete switch-over to digital broadcasts. The change greatly opened up what is possible with television. For example, it not only became possible to send high-definition pictures using digital compression technology, but it opened up the means to send audio-visual signals to other digital devices. Since April 2006, stable television signals can be sent to mobile digital devices. Digital technology has also allowed information useful for daily life such as news and weather data to be displayed onto the screen. It is now also possible to display plot summary and character information during showings of anime.


The MBS website lists a great deal of information on MBS programming at http://www.mbs.jp/.
The website provides regularly updated broadband program previews, news and movie trailers.


MBS is well known for its quality programming.
Listed below are some of our award-winning programs:

International Emmy Award


  • Just Like Anyone Else~Days in the life of a physically challenged family~(1999)


  • Kinkakuji Sound Stage (1998)
  • The 17th Beethoven's 9th with a Cast of 10,000
    ("Ode to Joy - 10,000 Voices Resound!")(2000)
  • Yo-Yo Ma in Todai-ji (2001)
  • For My Baby (2001)
  • The 26th Beethoven's 9th with a Cast of 10,000
    ("Ode to Joy: 10,000 Voices Resound!")(2009)

Monte-Carlo Film Festival


  • How Are You, Teddy Bear?(2002)


  • Cynthia-The Service Dog (2004)
  • Coping with Chemical Hypersensitivity-One Woman's Story(2005)
  • The Goddess of the Toilet (2011)
  • Father of the Bride: The Sounds of Snow(2012)

Many other MBS productions have won international awards, as well.